Monday, 9 July 2012

Where Noise is Music

A giant group of zombies in pubescence deluges towards an irresistible vortex of hazardous melange of sounds dubbed as music. Listless figures and shapes sway towards it only to be engulfed and forever destroyed. Vampires show no hesitation in displaying their emotions under the cover of the night as they cry out to the moon lit night in all their emotional glory over the background of sad violins and spooky pianos. In contrast, ghouls and demons are actually proud of mistakenly classifying themselves as being under the emotional poverty line and strongly pronounce it with infernal energy in their roars, skirls and skreighs with apocalyptic drum beats declaring their headstrong will to convert the entire earth into a company of senseless fools roaring and shouting day and night with no respite. Werewolves after a tiresome brawl with the enemy pack decide to settle down and tune their hearts and ears to the music in the days of yore when they had been youthful. They refuse to look outside of the box and hence never graduate out of the old school into a new college.

Imagine if someone were to come up to you and say,
"I am not one with much talent in music but I can sing monosyllables for over positive infinity times to the tune of a seemingly jolly music which in fact lacks variations in any way. Not only that, I have a cute face and can do cheesy poses while taking photographs so that people can drool over how cute I look instead of how good I sing. I can also act nice, which I am in fact not, so that people will think I am a good person. So can you please listen to my songs and also force your boyfriend or girlfriend into listening to my song? And while you're at it, you can promote me further by writing my meaningless lyrics everywhere to everyone and also by impertinently playing my songs everywhere you go until my songs are etched in the bowels of the listeners and those who do not like my songs will have to face acute intestinal complications whenever their sub-conscious minds decide to play the songs in their head. As you can see, I don't have a good voice and my songwriting skills are way below the mark but I can still prove that talentless people like me can also be successful with your help.
So, will you help me?"

I seriously hope people do not promote such sadism brought about by the encouragement of cacophony too discordant to be borne by a sensible human being in the right mind. It is annoying when people keep insulting my choice of music and calling their own taste in music as good. For crying out loud, we have all our own freedom to choose what we want to listen to and what not to. But some people take pains to forcefully induce their choice of music while harassing others for not liking their choice.

It will not hurt to foster a control to curb the urge to forcing unpleasant music down into the ears of a person until the eardrum breaks and the person dies. And also to detain oneself from annihilating all sources of musical solace of our neighbours by implementing verbal and physical harassment until the neighbours becomes mentally incapable of standing up for themselves for any choice whatsoever. The practice of gagging and choking others to death by forcefully feeding the melange of music down a person's throat until he can breath no more should be rewarded with capital punishment. Also life imprisonment for those who murder innocent people by cutting off their life force which happens to be the their choice of music cut off from them by a continuous ridicule and mental torture.

As long as music is not converting young minds into a posse of destruction oriented rebels lead by the singers themselves or into giant lysosomes of human beings, let free choice of music prevail.

Stop musical discrimination!